Event Vendors

Festival VendorsHow our Event Vendor Process Works    

Step 1
Interested vendors are required to complete the City Event Vending Inquiry Online Form online.

*Please note the City of Inverness selects festival vendors at their sole discretion. 

*Completion of this online form does not guarantee a vendor space at any City event.

Step 2
Once an online form is submitted becomes a part of the City’s vendor database.   

Step 3
Many months before a City event, the event committee determines the  specific vendor requirements for that event.   Based on those requirements,  viable vendor requests are reviewed for participation in advance.    Selected vendors will then be notified via email invitiation to apply as a vendor for that specific event.

City Event Vendor Disclaimer

The City schedules numerous events throughout the year.   These include, but are not limited to tournaments, festivals, parades, contests and so on. 

The City helps fund these events through vending opportunities for vendors selling food and drinks and/or merchandise and other services.  

The City determines the types, quantity and quality of food, drink, merchandise, information and services that will enhance and support the event theme.  

Vendor selection(s) are then made by the City from the completed vendor requests in the database that meet the criteria for that event.