About the Withlacoochee State Trail

Top Rated Trail

The Withlacoochee State Trail (WST) is a 46-mile, multi-use, paved trail, winding through stunning countryside. It runs on the northeast edge of Inverness with safe, easy access to downtown Inverness.

Because it is a converted rail line, and because rail lines are set at no greater than a 3-degree incline, you can be sure you can spend some quality time in a beautiful, natural setting with no steep hills to climb. This makes it a super place for riders of all skill-sets – new riders, those returning to the sport after a while, or people who are avid cyclists and like the chance to ride long-distances through a quiet, natural setting.

The Inverness trailhead is at the Red Caboose at 315 N. Apopka Avenue. You can ride north from the Caboose for 16 miles to the Gulf Junction trailhead or you can head south and ride for 30.2 miles before the trail ends in Owensboro.

In between Gulf Junction and Owensboro are lots of trailheads with rest rooms and water available, benches, and picnics tables.

Other trails you can reach from the Withlacoochee State Trail:

  • Dunnellon Trail 
  • Brooksville’s Good Neighbor Trail

Coming Soon

Construction begins soon on a connector between the north end of the WST – Gulf Junction – and Marion County’s Dunnellon Trail. We will keep you posted on the progress right here!

Also scheduled to begin soon is work on connections between Three Sisters Trail in Crystal River and the Withlacoochee State Trail. The route will run along Rt 486, where bike lanes already exist. This will give cyclist a clear shot from Inverness to the Gulf and back!