FOTA Winners

Festival of the Arts 2019 Awards

Best in Show $2,500

Rolly Ray Reel

"Raven Realm"

Judges Award $1,000

Jack Hill

"First Doubts"

Awards of Excellence 1 $500

Jordan Shapot

"Ms. Gala"

Award of Excellence 2 $500

Tracy Fenwick


Award of Excellence 3 $500

Jackie Ladrig


Award of Distinction 1 $500

Judy Kerrigan

"Deep Surprise"

Award of Distinction 2 $200

Lisa Rogers

"Chasing Delight"

Award of Distinction 3 $200

Debra Mixon Holliday

"Landing on Goldenrod"

Award of Distinction 4 $200

Gayle Miller 

"Fowey Rocks to American Shoal"

Award of Distinction 5 $200

Lydia and Tim Martin

"Afternoon at Peggy’s Cove"

2018 Winners

Best In Show $2,500 
Jordan Shapot

Judges Award 
$1,000 Rolly Ray Reel

Award Of Excellence 1 
$500 Timothy Hall

Award Of Excellence 2 
$500 Barbara Bathchelder

Award Of Excellence 3
 $500 Scott Anderson

Award Of Distinction 1
$200 Diane Stover

Award Of Distinction 2 
$200 Bob McGill

Award Of Distinction 3
 $200 Christina Johnson

Award Of Distinction 4
$200 Jan Obreski

Award Of Distinction 5
 $200 Lynne Ferris

Inaugural Inverness Plein Air Competition

Plein Air Best in Show $500
“Early Inverness” by Lionel Sanchez

Citrus Watercolor Society 1st Place $300
“Church In The Gloaming” Shawn Dell Joyce

Citrus Cultural Alliance 2nd Place $200
“200 N Apopka Ave. Inverness” Jordan Shapot

Award of Merit –Sponsored By Pro-Line Tile $50
“Church On MLK Ave.” Steven Benevides

Award of Merit – Sponsored By Citrus Cultural Alliance $50
“Morning Glide” Don Borie

Award of Merit -Sponsored By The City Of Inverness $50
“Old But Still Standing Tall” Velkutty Balakrishan

Special Consideration Award “Evening At The Park” Susan Strawbridge

2017 Winners

Best of Show
Lynn Ferris, The Critic

Best of Division 1
Barbara Batchelder, Begonias on the Table

Best of Division 2 & 3
Helen Dobbins, Woodland Stream

Best of Division 4

  • Scott Anderson, Sabal Palm Root Ball 
  • Carol Pardell, The Kava 
  • Charlene Murray, Spirit of  Kings
  • Julijana Prest, Untitled 1 
  • Leland Williams, Of Hope 
  • Terry Smith,  In the Scrubs 
  • Chris Randle, Preservation 
  • Chuck Tripp,  Digging Doggie
  • Frank Curtis, White Bird in Yankeetown 
  • Jordan Shapot, Dissolving Man
  • M Hakima, Nomad 
  • Michelle Zielecki, Pete's Pier Sunrise

2017 Award Information

Best of Show $1000

Divisions I-IV

Best of Division $500

Awards of Excellence $250

Awards of Merit $200

Division V

First Place $150 – Second Place $100 – Third Place $75

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2016 Winners

We congratulate the 2016 Inverness Festival of the Arts winners.

Best of Show
Scott Anderson

Best of Division

  • Best of Division I Diane Becker
  • Best of Division II-III Helen Mathyssen Dobbins
  • Best of Division IV Leland Williams

Awards of Excellence $250

  • Award of Excellence Division I Christine Randle
  • Award of Excellence Division II-III Gary Kuhl
  • Award of Excellence Division IV Charlene Murray
  • Award of Excellence Division IV Rick Austin

Awards of Merit $200

  • Award of Merit Division I Jordan Shapot
  • Award of Merit Division II-III Terry Smith
  • Award of Merit IV Lee Dickey
  • Award of Merit IV R. Gene Gandee

Division V Crafts

  • 1st Place Crafts  $150 Rod and Diane Taylor
  • 2nd Place Crafts $100 Suzanne Fidell-Krongold
  • 3rd Place Crafts $75 Robert Kottman